Nov 15 2008

Trend ~ Cream & Yellow

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 4:00 pm

Clearly this is a trend alert, stylish fashionistas in Las Vegas, Melbourne and San Fran are rocking the lovely combination of mustard yellow skirts and delicate cream blouses this week!  I have a cream blouse or two, but no mustard skirt in my collection, it will be immediately added to my ‘watch for’ list.  The look is given stability with black accents on Eli and M.Bibelot, or a vintage toch with brown and beige key pieces on the middle girl via Facehunter.  All pictures are clickable for source.

2 Responses to “Trend ~ Cream & Yellow”

  1. Missa says:

    Ah, nice trend catch. These are wonderful. I’m especially loving the girl from facehunter, I had that one saved to my inspiration folder 🙂

  2. Katharine says:

    I’ve been longing for mustard too, but it hasn’t come into stores yet! My particular craving is a mustard scarf. I’m at the point where I might buy this loose-weave huge beige cotton thing I saw at the import store, and try dyeing it.