Oct 31 2008

Happy Halloween! Last Minute Costumes!

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If you are like me and a total procrastinator with your Halloween costume, don’t worry – there’s still hope! So many ideas can be found right in most closets. Here are some last minute costume ideas, most of which I’ve done.

Mime – striped shirt, black and white makeup (baby powdered face and eyeliner if you don’t have white base), black, pants, gloves.

Flower Child – long wig if you have it, headband, bell bottoms, tie dye top, ink peace signs etc on your arms.

Harajuku Girl – bright blush and makeup, striped tights, platform or kitten heels, legwarmers, pigtails, mini skirt, tutu, giggling required.

Grapes – okay you’d need to pick up a bunch of purple or green balloons, pin to any clothes in similar shades, so much fun to be popped thru the night.

Schoolgirl/Gossip Girl – plaid skirt, perfectly centered tie, bowtie or scarf, kneesocks, headband, schoolbook, bitchy face optional.

50’s Housewife – any fabulous a line day dress, crinoline for puffiness, apron, perfect makeup and elaborate updo.

Christmas Tree – One of my favorites, green sweater, brown pants, hook ornaments all over your sweater, if you have time craft a star for your head.

Incognito – wig or big hat, sunglasses, trench coat, when anyone tries to talk to you hide your face and turn away.

Feel free to add any other ideas in the comments! 😉

More costume pictures to come throughout the day!

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    I just love your costume ideas!