Oct 27 2008

Look of the Day ~ StyleDigger

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 9:35 pm

I’m so glad geeky glasses are back in style!!!  I love seeing them everywhere, internet, downtown, even the man even has a lovely pair he’s been wearing.  Since I already wear glasses, I don’t foresee wearing these (put contacts on to wear glasses overtop, doesn’t make sense!).  But still love to see them on everyone else, who knows, maybe a prescribed pair is in my future.

And how cute are these two with there similar styles and matchy poses?  Photo found on lookbook.  I added the lookbook rss to my google reader and now every new photo uploaded on the site gets sent to me, about 200 stylish photos a day!  Subscribe to this link if you want lookbook.nu in your reader.  Oh and add stylesymmetry.com while you’re at it. 😉  Lol, I’m cheeky today!

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    Hello from Russia