Oct 21 2008

Quick Gossip!

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 4:20 pm

I am fairly sure noone will comment on this but…. how hot was the end of Gossip Girl last night?

None of my friends /family /coworkers watch the show so I am turning to you for the dish!! (Sorry pic on the left is last season). P.S. Ed sounds even better talking in his British accent, I think I better go join a GG forum.

I am also loving Blairs lighter hair this season, she looks like a starlet from the silent film era, especially with those cheekbones.

2 Responses to “Quick Gossip!”

  1. Always In Style says:

    Her makeup is always impeccable. Of course she’s gorgeous so that helps too 🙂

  2. vancouverista says:

    weird I thought for a second that the second picture was Rachel Bilson