Oct 13 2008

New Years Style-Resolution Update III

Category: ProjectsEyeliah @ 4:00 pm

So I am down to six items left to wear, as shown below in this jumbled photo combining effort.

Each piece has its challenges.
1. The White Dress is now way too big, this may be impossible.
2&3. The cutesy pistachio and turtle sweaters make me wanna puke!
4.The Brown Ellen Tracey blazer creates HUGE shoulders.
5. I have no idea how to wear the ballerina top.
6. This lil black top is more like a lil black inappropriate lengthed dress.

This challenge has turned out to be harder than I thought! phew… I got 10 weeks left in the year so any suggestions on how to wear these would be awesome.  I am thankful I finally wore the electric blue top!… post to follow.

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