Sep 26 2008

Symmetry Star ~ Kat Von D

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 7:45 pm

Love her!!  I know you may think thigh high red stilettos, leather pants and bikini tops for tops are not exactly my thing, and you’d be right… but they look perfectly fabulous on Kat.  Her stunning tattoos in mostly black and grey are also a big part of her style.

Kat Von D knows who she is and doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks, which I believe to be the most important thing for personal style.  I went as Kat for Halloween last year. 🙂 Maybe I should have saved this for a Halloween post, lol.

2 Responses to “Symmetry Star ~ Kat Von D”

  1. mom says:

    Your brother has Kat posters all over his bedroom walls.

  2. jamboot says:

    I absolutely love her. she is so damn pretty and yes i love that she doesn’t care what people think about her. im the same way 🙂