Sep 19 2008

The Raconteurs & The Kills

Category: Set ListsEyeliah @ 2:30 pm

Last night was my first time at the Malkin Bowl. Set in a wooded area of Stanley Park it truly feels like a magical place to experience live music. I walked in just as the Kills were starting there first song, perfect. There set was fairly similar just shorter then the show at Richards. I think Alison was wearing the same clothes as that night too not that it matters, she is so rock n’ roll. The song Getting Down was a nice addition to the set, high energy and sounded great live. The sexual chemistry wasn’t there as much, I imagine because they are the opening act and many in the crowd were rudely screaming for Jack White. Set time forty five minutes.
Set List:
URA Fever
Pull A U
Sour Cherry
Tape Song
No Wow
Alphabet Pony
Last Day of Magic
Kissy Kissy
Goodmorning Bad Morning
Hook & Line
Getting Down
Fried My Little Brains

In between sets old jazz legends played through the speakers for about a half hour. Then quickly the lights went down and the band exploded onto the stage in a fury of the drums, guitar riffs and keys of Consoler of the Lonely. Jack White in a black button down that he quickly removed, black tee and some nicely snug plaid trousers. Brendan was struggling with his voice, especially on Rich Kid Blues but gets bonus points for trying to hit those high notes. Best song definitely was Broken Boy Soldier, these guys sure can rock out, strobe lights were going and I could feel the music echoing in my chest. The crowd was overly rambunctious at times, not being able to handle the slowness of ‘You Don’t Understand Me’ as well as ‘Carolina Drama’ for the last song. The set was an hour and ten minutes which felt short, but still satisfying. Experiencing Jack White live playing the guitar is such a site, in my opinion he is musical genius. I just signed up for guitar lessons.
The Raconteurs Set List
Consoler of the Lonely
Blue Veins
U Don’t Understand Me
Keep It Clean
The Switch and the Spur
Top Yourself
Intimate Secretary
Steady As She Goes
Hold Up
Rich Kid Blues

Broken Boy Soldier
Salute Your Solution
Carolina Drama

3 Responses to “The Raconteurs & The Kills”

  1. Shay says:

    so sad I missed this one!! And you’re right, his pants are very similar to mine…

  2. Eyeliah says:

    sorry you missed it too, but there’s always another great show.

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