Sep 15 2008

I Wanna Be a Supermodel?

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 5:50 pm

I instantly thought of Cher Horowitz when I saw this skirt at the shop, but it wasn’t the right fit.

Clueless was the most important movie of 1995. 😉 Of course I owned the movie (on video cassette) and the cd soundtrack.  Didn’t Cher have the best 90’s style?  I copied pretty much all of her looks back in the day.  Thinking back to her outfits, these could be worn today and look just as adorable.  She’s so cute I just can’t handle it, I’m off to the mall to gather my thoughts and regain my strength.

The white knee highs, loved those.  I had a pair…
Classic beret, blazer and crisp blouse.

Cutest lil empire dresses, especially the capped sleeve mint green lovely.

Cher’s Madonna inspired outfit.

The regular tee under little tank, classic high school look.
I wish I could find a better pic of the driving test day, that was the best, flowy sheer blouse under cropped vest – very responsible looking Cher.

5 Responses to “I Wanna Be a Supermodel?”

  1. stacy says:

    very cute.all I think all you need is a pair of white bobbysocks that come up a bit higher on you.just a your style

  2. Shay says:

    ha, OMG, you totally channel the aesthetic of that film. Good job!!!

  3. thefashionmaven says:

    ha! i was channeling cher horowitz in my post with the suspendered skirt and knee highs!
    LOVE all this over-the-top preppy stuff!

  4. Cakemaster says:

    Clueless has to be one of my favorite movies, especially her outfits in the movie haha