Aug 29 2008

Inspiration Flashback ~ My So Called Life

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 2:40 pm

I have been rewatching My So Called Life on youtube (yes, all 19 episodes are there!). When the show aired I was 13, Angela was 15 and she was (90s speak) like my hero or something. The show was very realistic in it’s portrayal of the relationships we had as teenagers with our friends, parents, crushes. I too crushed on someone who had a great way of leaning. We would get into more trouble then our parents knew about, love them more then we would ever show and I have to say the stories played out fairly similar. The biggest bummer is the fact the show was canceled in it’s first season leaving so many question unanswered. You can tell they were setting up story lines to play out over the years, Jordon would obvioulsy break Angela’s heart again, Rayanne would get more out of control, Angela would eventually ‘like’ Brian I’m sure, her parents possible divorce. Many die hard fans still exist, there is even an awesome website devoted to My So Called Life with future episodes written by fans.

Then there is the fashion influence, Clearly in grunge mode Angela and Rayanne were constantly in some sort of plaid, dark lipstick and doc martens. In the first episode Angela colors her hair to a vibrant red. Jordon and his amazing fur collared jacket and man-chocker.

Rickie had the most fashion forward style on the show, like below in this band leader jacket, eyeliner and over geled hair. Although I did have the same plaid dress as Angela wears in the below pic (Rayanne in tiedye!), I think at 13 I dressed more like geeky Sharon Cherski.


7 Responses to “Inspiration Flashback ~ My So Called Life”

  1. chrissie says:

    i own the dvds of this. and just watched disc one yesterday (ep 1-4). i love this show/style..and am so 90s. kudos.

  2. Shay says:

    haha, awesome 90’s revival style inspiration. Seems to be a lot of that going on for fall.

  3. hillary says:

    I was the same age and same grade as she was on the show so I so thought it was like they filmed my life by my warped 16 yr old mind. She had my hair which really nailed it. Last year I did a remix where I tried to do my best jordan catalano lean. Its sad how much of a tool Jared became he was sooooo ultimate cool. Me and my friend totally dressed like this. I think thats why the show as fun because it wasn’t over the top in fakeness like the OC or something Claire was actually 15 and made you believe she was in highschool and this is how she dressed.

  4. Phoebe says:

    I love My So called life!!! I kinda loved jordan. Jared leto is sexy.

  5. Missa says:

    I so loved this show and I’m loving the 90’s style revival too!

  6. kathrynsky says:

    OH MY GOD!!!
    I was possessed of this show!

  7. Julia says:

    My mom loved this show, she believed that the writers were secretly following me around and recording my life. She insisted that I watched with her and then would trie to explain where angela had made mistakes. I suppose in the end that was fine.

    My hair was about the same too, except I had one end dramaticaly shorter then the other, then I had real long bangs… oh goodness.