Aug 28 2008

Oasis Man!

Category: Set ListsEyeliah @ 6:45 pm

This was my first time at GM Place and what a show to see.  Liam came out in all black with a lovely light grey scarfed fanned out ’round his neck.  He would lean under the mike with his hands behind his back when he sang and stood solid watching the crowd when he wasn’t.  He played the tambourine in such a skillful sexy way it was amazing to see, halfway through the show he gave it away to a lucky fan.  When they announced “This is our last song” the crowd booed (so rude!).  The last time Oasis came to Vancouver I guess the crowd was throwing shoes etc at the band so they walked off the stage after only 5 songs!! Noel referenced this with a “It’s nice to see you’re behaving yourselves this time!” at the end of the show. 🙂 Most memorable moment: the entire crowd singing Don’t Look Back in Anger.  My favorite: a new song Falling Down.  Surprise Song: they played The Meaning of Soul.

Set List (90 Minutes)
Rock N Roll Star
The Shock Of The Lightning (new song)
Cigarettes& Alcohol
The Meaning Of Soul
To Be Where There’s Life (new song)
The Masterplan
Slide Away
What’s the Story Morning Glory?
Ain’t Got Nothin’ (new song)
The Importance Of Being Idle

Don’t Look Back In Anger
Falling Down (new song)
Champagne Supernova
I Am The Walrus

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  1. Hilary says:

    Actually, I think the infamous concert when they walked off was from back in ’96. I saw them @ GM Place in 2005 and everyone was well-behaved =) They also sounded amazing. Thanks for the set list -would’ve loved to have been there!