Aug 27 2008

Oasis 2Nite

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 4:25 pm

I have the Oasis concert tonight so I don’t have much time to post.  Sorry for my busy schedule lately.  My readership went up 20% in the past month!!, but comments are way down so I hope everyone is still enjoying the blog. 🙂  I still am thankful to have this outlet I can write at every day and am happy I never run out of topics.

Quick note: Fall Wishlist

Black Biker Boots
Tweed Trousers
Wide Leg Dress Pants
Brown Flat boots
Floral Blouse
Ruffly Silk Blouse

3 Responses to “Oasis 2Nite”

  1. Missa says:

    I wouldn’t mind some biker boots myself! Hope you are enjoying the concert! 🙂

  2. The Clothes Horse says:

    Ha-ha, comments are funny things! Mostly only bloggers comment, but tons of non-bloggers read. ^_^

  3. caboguy says:

    – it’s fun to see your creative outfits…shopping at thrifts has always been your speciality –