Aug 26 2008

2 Days @ Dentist = 2 Boring Outfits

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:45 am

Might as well get these 2 half boring outfits out of the way, lol. I wasn’t my usual colorful self. Luckily today I am now wearing an array of purple, teal and pink! 🙂
Friday: Notice I am smiling because I had not yet had needles in my face.
Fuzzy pants brought back from storage, Suzy Shier: $30. Previously shown: Thrifted Cable Knit Sweater, Checkered Blazer & Ankle Boots. Gold Bow Pin, Ebay. Tommy Hilfiger Purse.

Monday: I was even sans makeup for the day.
White Top, Suzy Shier: $15. Previously shown: Purple Collared Top, Suzy Shier. Thrifted Grey Pants, Purple Striped Scarf & Bow Purse. Tommy Hilfiger Stacked Mary Janes.

3 Responses to “2 Days @ Dentist = 2 Boring Outfits”

  1. marta says:

    I can’t say I hate going to the dentist. I am so used to getting anesthesia w/ that needle almost every time I go that I don’t even get scare of the tools anymore.

  2. Jane says:

    I am soo petrified of the dentist. I would have worn black.
    I love the way you have jazzed up two simple looks with accessories.
    Thanks for leading me to your blog via your comments.

  3. Missa says:

    The wee bow pin is super cute!