Aug 22 2008

Morning Rushes

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 2:40 pm

I get up, and start to get ready for work, shower, breakfast, makeup, hair. About 20 minutes before I need to leave I start to pick my outfit. I’ll look at newer items that have yet to be worn, read my mind as to what I’m feeling today (sassy, cozy, secretive, friendly, organic etc.). Then I layer on pieces and switch accessories until I like the effect. It still amazes me that I can be coherent enough this early in the morning. I would like to plan ahead but that rarely works as I am too indecisive to want to wear it come the next day. And anyway, I like the unfinished-ness this brings to my outfits, as I could always be slightly more polished. I do also keep a notebook full of outfit ideas, and a folder on my computer of inspiration, these are helpful on the mornings I am really stuck or in a rush. Based on the outfit, how do you think I was feeling today? And how do you plan?

All items previously shown, yay! Orange Sweater & Faux Snakeskin Belt, Thrifted. Daisy Pins, Thrifted and Ebay. Purple Eyelet Skirt, Bluenotes. Roberto Vianni Flats. Tommy Hilfiger Purse (my ugliest yet most efficient purse).

2 Responses to “Morning Rushes”

  1. yb says:

    i think you were happy and eagerly awaiting what friday could bring. i love the bright colors and flowers! you look conservative enough for work yet fun enough for after work drinks. date pretty – clean and detailed yet not overly done.
    when i am in a great mood, i wear bright colors and don’t worry about matching. i also go heavy on the blush. when im feeling grumpy or sad i wear dark colors and keep a pale face.

  2. Naomi says:

    so cute!! thrifting madness!!! :O