Aug 07 2008

Post of the Day ~ The Ongoing Project

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 4:15 pm

Okay okay, so her post is from yesterday but I just read it right now and Shay has some great tips to ‘Go Shopping in Your Own Closet‘.  Frequent readers will know, it’s something I do alot.   My favorite step is #4: “Pull out all the things in your closet and drawers that you love but haven’t been able to work into your wardrobe yet, as well as your oldest and forgotten favorites. Match these with your newest purchases. See what works.”

Sometimes we can forget those clothing items that never seemed to work.  I leave them in the very front of my closet as a reminder until the regret of them being wasting grows unbearable and I force myself to wear them!!  I mean, I still haven’t worn my weirdo electric blue top or an amazing cropped jean vest I thrifted 2 weeks ago.  For me guilt is a big motivator, that why I also leave price tags on as an extra reminder.

Anyone remember my posts on my New Year’s Fashion Resolution?  It was the 25 items in my closet that have been hanging never worn.  I dedicated myself to wear them all in 2008.  I will do an update shortly as more items have been worn (but not the pictured weirdo electric blue hip length top, yet).  Any suggestion on how to wear it are greatly appreciated. 🙂

One Response to “Post of the Day ~ The Ongoing Project”

  1. Shay says:

    thanks! That blue top is great. I would just do it simply with a black skirt and maybe a yellow or mustard little scarf?