Jul 23 2008

Bright Nights Fireworks

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 8:40 pm

The Celebration of Light is starting in 90 minutes and the excitement is wild!  All I hear is car alarms blaring as cars get towed off the streets to make way for the 10’s of 1,000’s of people headed to English Bay to watch the Fireworks show.  There are boats in the bay securing their front row seats.  And droves of spectators going west to land the best pedestrian views.  Tonight is the first of 4 nights of fireworks over 11 days!!  I took the first two photos only a moment ago, the 3rd is from last years CoL Spectacular!

2 Responses to “Bright Nights Fireworks”

  1. shalom says:

    I like your style.and i have a question for you.
    what the favorite brand ? tell me

  2. Eyeliah says:

    I prefer to thrift but if I was at the mall I’d have to say Aldo is my favorite brand. I love their shoes and accessories. 🙂