Jul 10 2008

Online Shopping

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I love to head over to ebay and type in ‘costume jewelry lot’.  There are so many great collections to ooh and ahh over and ultimately bid on.  Usually the ‘lots’ come from one owner so the items are often grouped together in similar taste.  This works perfect as in ‘you like one, you’ll like them all’ in many cases.  And the ones that don’t work for me, they go right to the thrift store.  I often wonder the stories these pieces have behind them, has by crown brooch been worn at the neck of a rich women from the Upper East Side?  Did my porcelain pendant sit in a jewelry box for years without being worn because it is so heavy?  Stories of these pieces are much more interesting then “I was manufactured in China two weeks ago’. 

A few things I always remember when buying jewelry lots

1) Always ask shipping prior to bidding, these lots can be expensive to ship.

2) Get the added insurance, it’s only a couple bucks and jewelry is delicate.

3) Check the sellers feedback, I have a rule of only 99% positive and over (but I am a bit drastic). J

All these auctions end within 24 hours, click the pictures to be redirected.  The last one is my favorite, too bad she only ships to USA or I’d be bidding.  That long flower pin is to die for, and the jewelry box comes with! 

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  1. sleepyhead says:

    ha, i guess i’m a bit drastic as well. its 99% positive feedback for me as well, or i won’t give a second glance.