Jul 07 2008

I was in the Mood for Cherries

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I imagine the funniest part of the Jewel Concert story is we decided to bus it to the theater to save $ on cab fares and be green.  When getting off the bus Jenn got elbowed in the nose (hello wrestling match?) and the bus driver closed the door on me… um ouch?  On the bus home we were accosted by a group of 19yr olds heading to a club dressed up like cowboys. And yes, accosted is the best word to describe it.
The bus = classy way to travel. 😉 lol

So anyway, at the Casino venue lounge Jenn & I were drinking Bellini’s and eating some fancy sandwiches prior to the show when our waitress informed us that concerts usually start on time.  Show Time: 8pm, Current Time: 8:03pm!!  Holy moly – so we paid the tab and rushed over.  Luckily Jewel didn’t start until 5 minutes after we arrived.  We had a fantastic view at 12th row, dead centre, no picture taking was allowed or I’d be sharing a butt load of pics (yes I said that).  Jewel performed solo and acoustic, and told stories and jokes for almost 2 hours.  Quite lovely indeed, we had such a fantastic time!  She unfortunately did not include any songs off her ‘pop’ album, remember that?  It’s when she had a song ‘Intuition’ that ended up on those leg razor commercials.  She did however play songs from all her other albums and included an inspired version of ‘Needle & the Damage Done’ by Neil Young and an a cappella cover of Nina Simones ‘The Other Woman’.  The complete set list is below.

Set List
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (a cappella)
Near You Always
Passing Time (my fav as a teen)
1000 Miles Away
Needle & the Damage Done
Little Sister
Life Uncommon
Break Me

Thump, Thump
Cold Song
Stevenville, Texas
Perfectly Clear
Cowboy Waltz (first song she ever wrote)
Foolish Games
You Were Meant For Me
Who Will Save Your Soul

The Other Woman
Angel Standing By
A Speed Yodel (lucky us!!)

4 Responses to “I was in the Mood for Cherries”

  1. Spandexpony says:

    The light in these photos is so lovely! Fantastic outfit!

  2. WendyB says:

    I’ve always had a thing for cherry prints. I have a cherry necklace in my line, come to think of it, but I’m more of a skull person when it comes to jewelry.

  3. ali says:

    The gloves & hockey stick in that top photo just made my morning

  4. artsladivina says:

    You crack me up!!!

    Work started to pick up: at last!!! I was not able to read daily, so today was the day to catch up.

    I think I can feel your spirit: and it is positive!
    have a great day, thanks for the tip on jewelry lots: makes perfect sense.