Jul 02 2008

Your Rainbow Lights Up My Day

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 11:30 am

I had to lighten this photo to the right to show the delicious rainbow plaid. Having this item stowed away for 2 years I couldn’t wait another second to wear it out again. Perhaps with the amount of clothing I brought back I should have also left some behind (oops!). I think my closet will be okay if I donate away some lesser worn items.

Oh, and this fabulous heart pendant was a gift from my lovely friend Artsladivina, thank you so much! I love how it goes with everything.:-)







Rainbow Dress, Ebay: $25; Clear Heart Pendant, Gift;
Silver Aldo Purse, Thrifted: $2; Navy Moccasins, Winners (?): $20ish

3 Responses to “Your Rainbow Lights Up My Day”

  1. Andrea Mitchell says:

    I love this dress so much I can’t even say 🙂

  2. fashion chalet says:

    Fab dress. Love the mocs. So sad I passed those up when I had the chance (I only have the brown!)


  3. rebecca s. says:

    cute dress and hair! thanks for sharing this link with me. 🙂

    i really think i might cut my hair, aw! my husband loves my long hair, and i guess i do too but i am just bored of it.