Jun 29 2008

Long Weekend Heatwave

Category: LifeEyeliah @ 1:00 pm

It was so hot yesterday!  I only burned my right shoulder so that’s good, as usually I tend to get it a lot worse.  Today I am taking a day off from the beach and spending time (covered in sunscreen) at my building’s outdoor pool and bbqing salmon.  Good times. 😉

6 Responses to “Long Weekend Heatwave”

  1. Anthea says:

    MOST JEALOUS! Thanks for linking me 🙂

  2. Eyeliah says:

    but don’t you live in the lower mainland?

  3. Mer says:

    omg, this is fantastic!

  4. Caboguy says:

    – is that a Mexican blanket I see… also, a Toronto Blue Jays sun hat?

  5. Eyeliah says:

    Yes CaboGuy, that is correct. 😉

  6. mom says:

    Could that be your BlueJay hat from when you were a little girl?