Jun 26 2008

The Trip Home

Category: Life,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 6:10 pm

It has taken me a few days to settle back in and get a post ready about my trip over the weekend.  It was 40 hours so very quick indeed, but long enough to catch up, watch my brother graduate and go through old memories.

Some Highlights…..

Congratulations Bro!















The three siblings, sorry no good photo of my dress that night *gasps*










Some hilarious flashback fashions, the Blossom hat is still awesome!


Seeing Artsladivina is always a pleasure.












Last thing I did before the flight home was dug through my storage for about an hour and came up with a hockey bag of clothing to bring back!  Due to weight loss there were lots of clothes that I can now fit (thank goodness my packrat genes forced me to keep so many smaller clothes!).  A detailed post on those items to follow shortly.  🙂

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  1. marta says:

    The one with the short hair is cute!