Jun 11 2008

Waif Makeover?!

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 2:30 pm

Along with the theme of photoshopping adding extra pressure of unrealistic beauty demands on females everywhere…. What did ‘they’ do to my childhood hero?? She looks like a Bratz Doll (NOT a compliment!).

3 Responses to “Waif Makeover?!”

  1. kathrynsky says:

    oh noooo, where is the little stawberry i liked???

  2. vancouverista says:

    I am really upset by this.

    I had a strawberry shortcake birthday cake practically every year of my childhood.

  3. Hannele says:

    I’m also entirely against makeovers of these things I hold dear from childhood, one of them being Strawberry Shortcake, “Charlotte aux fraises” as I knew her in France. It’s always sweet, though, to reminisce, I miss my doll collection… it’s somewhere, tucked in between cardboards in a dark room, I assume.
    I can’t help but think we had it better in terms of cartoons and toys… ah nostalgia.