May 31 2008


Category: MediaEyeliah @ 4:00 pm

Okay, so I couldn’t wait and went to see Sex & The City this am.  Spoilers may follow…

There was so much fashion incorporated – more than on the show which was awesome!  Carrie had this fabulous studded black belt that she wore with atleast 3 outfits.  It was quite reminiscent of MY belt (I’ve got to wear it more).  The outfits were so well put together, from the main cast to even the bit players in the background.  Samantha was really rocking the 80’s shoulder pads and they looked great on her.  In one scene Carrie looked like a Swedish blogger in a striped tee and straw fedora.  And they were all fabulous in maxi dresses in Mexico.  It did drag a bit in spots and there wasn’t enough SEX.  I mean the ‘hottest’ sex scene including main characters was between Miranda and Steve!!  That’s not right.

All in all, a well spent $13 – I want to go see it again, but this time with a notepad. 😉  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments?!!

3 Responses to “Sex”

  1. kathrynsky says:

    the movie is so gorgeous!!!
    hey, and i´m so proud that you look, even if you don´t understand it 🙂 my english grammar is really bad, so 🙂
    but for people like you i took the google translator at the site.. so, you could translate in english or france 🙂

  2. {black, alligator} says:

    I will agree with your observation of the lack of sex, I really wish the best hadn’t been saved for miranda and steve!

  3. Charlotte says:

    There was really less sex in this film – and no John James Preston/Caroline Marie Bradshaw
    sex!!!! No Samantha – whereever sex 🙁 What a bummer!