May 28 2008

Wednesdays Challenge … to wear Black & White

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 6:25 pm

I am always tempted to throw in more color.  I have had this polka dotted dress for a couple of years and have only worn it once or maybe even not at all so I was determined to wear it.

At home with heels.. out I wore tights & flats.

I got an amazing maxi dress at H&M today.  The lines for the change rooms were exhaustingly long and I was not about to wait, luckily the dress fit when I tried it on at home.

Dress, Ebay: $20-25
Vest, Thrifted: $3
Belt, off capris.
Heels, Aldo: $50

Fringed Scarf, Suzy Shier: $15
Bow Purse, Thrifted: $5
Awesome Black Jacket, Thrifted: $10
Mesh Flats, Payless: $30

7 Responses to “Wednesdays Challenge … to wear Black & White”

  1. vancouverista says:

    I have to be the only person in Vancouver who didn’t get one of those tote bags! Lame!

  2. Nadine says:

    I love Polkadots – you managed the look really well!

  3. the_kitten says:

    I find those self-imposed challenges quite fun, and amusing in a way. My challenges usually consist of incorporating an old skeleton in my wardrobe into my outfit, which also is a lot of fun – except you are running late and do not really have the time left to really ponder as to how make it work :/

  4. Cupcakes and Cashmere says:

    so funny that your challenge is to wear simply black and white since most people have an issue with not incorporating enough color into their wardrobes! i think color is great, but your outfits look totally chic!

  5. The Clothes Horse says:

    I like the black and white. I need to come up with wardrobe challenges for myself, to keep things interesting!

  6. blossomclothing says:

    heyy that dress looks super cute on you!
    your website is sweet
    fancy swapping links?
    love from blossomclothingx

  7. mom says:

    That looks like it was put together by a designer. Love the jacket.