May 16 2008

ANTM Finale

Category: MediaEyeliah @ 1:20 pm

Now I <3 Whitney and and all her curves, but I really though Anya deserved to take it. Especially with her positive attitude and natural radiance.  Thoughts?

4 Responses to “ANTM Finale”

  1. Rayanne Langdon says:

    I’ve missed the last few episodes. Whitney won?! I mean, I could just Google this, and I probably will after I submit this comment, but… did she?!

    I heart her, too.

  2. Nadine says:

    I never saw it but I saw pictures from the girl who was winning and I really like her curves.

  3. The Clothes Horse says:

    I like Anya better as well. Plus, didn’t Whitney have a bit of a personality problem? Every time I saw it she seemed to be fighting with someone…

  4. Yelva says:

    Anya should have definitely won it. It ANTM that we are speaking about and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was fixed or Tyra’s new gimick. In the end it’s better for Anya not to win because she will actually have a longer career.