May 12 2008

KT Tunstall Show

Category: Set ListsEyeliah @ 6:30 pm

I’d have to say this weekend was an adventure, and Sunday was no exception.  I bought the KT Tunstall ticket off craigslist the day prior, (literally) bumped into the seller and his friends in the pit and hung out with them for the show.  She played a solid 2 hour set, with lots of stories and jokes in between, thoroughly entertaining.  She definitely knew how to get the crowd involved with an ‘Audience Participation Vertical Wave’ and the group jumping session she led us on to test out the spring loaded floor.  The most fun song of the night was Black Horse and the Cherry Tree and it’s my least favorite. 😉  I cannot even believe I almost missed out on this concert!

Set List
Miniature Disasters
Little Favours
Hold On
Other Side of the World
White Bird
Paper Aeroplane
Black Horse & the Cherry Tree
Under the Weather
Beauty of Uncertainty
If Only
Saving My Face
Suddenly I See

Universe & You
Cover song ??
Stoppin’ the Love

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