Apr 30 2008

Closet Peek

Category: My ClosetEyeliah @ 1:40 pm

Here’s a peek into part of my closet. I have organized it perfectly for me. I know where anything and everything is. When I get new items they first go to the *special spot* in the front of the closet. I do this so I will wear the items right away and to not lose them in the mix. Everything else is organized by color in categories.

Also the shelves are so ideal, I’m sure they are meant to be a linen closet as there is none in the apartment. So of course I used that opportunity to make my clothes priority, the linens are in hiding.

I thought taking this 2nd pic would be funny, it’s how much of the closet my husband gets to use – lol. And I love him for it. 😉

3 Responses to “Closet Peek”

  1. Natasha says:

    your closet is 100% more orderly than mine.

  2. helvetica says:

    yeah more orderly to my closet too!

  3. Robin Claire says:

    Looking at your beautiful spaces makes me realize…I really need to organize my closet!!