Apr 23 2008

Ocean of noise I first heard your voice

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 2:15 pm

As a teenager I was not a fan of wearing blue.
It seemed to be everbody’s favorite color and I just couldn’t like something that everyone else did, clearly I had (have?) uniqueness issues. I now embrace this popular shade with full admiration.
For this outfit I had to add the black for warmth, ideally I would don bare arms and legs and be frolicking on a sandy beach. the summer is so close, I know it won’t be long…..






Blue Sheer Dress, Consignment: $13
Blue Silk Scarf, Consignment: $18
Black Duster Sweater, Suzy Shier: $20
Black & White Striped Belt, Off Capris.
Patchwork Purse, Thrifted: $2
Black Tights, The Bay: $20
“Lucky” Leopard Print Flats, Aldo: $5

Oh and I had a sparkly butterfly pin clipped in the back of my hair.

2 Responses to “Ocean of noise I first heard your voice”

  1. elissa/SpandexPony says:

    I feel/felt the same way about blue! I think it’s because light greyish blue used to be popular (think the Gap or Old Navy back in the day) and it is the fug. But aqua blues are delicious! Love this color you have on today!

  2. keliati says:

    i had to tell, your blog is fabulous!
    my friend never buys anything blue because she says it reminds her of college. i think your turqoise outfit is very happy. ih. i especially like the long cardigan. i’ve been looking for one for a long long time…
    ocean of noise is my fave arcade fire song!!!!