Apr 19 2008

Metric Love

Category: Set ListsEyeliah @ 6:24 pm

I went to see Metric in concert quite unexpectedly solo.  They are currently a Top 5 band for me, so I could not pass up this chance to go to their sold out show even if by myself.  I got right up close and had a great time!  In between all the jumping around, the best moment had to be the extended ‘Rock Me Now’ session, the crowd hummed along as the band gradually faded out the music to just our voices and Emily’s.

My favorite (to an emotional degree) Metric song is this acoustic version of ‘Live It Out’.  I was stunned when they played it for the last song!  Thank you Metric.

I am passionate about documenting Set Lists, starred items are new songs.

Set List
Poster of a Girl
Dead Disco
Cupid and Psyche*
Hustle Rose
Satellite Mind*
Rock Me Now
Calculation Theme
Combat Baby
Live It Out (Rolling Stones Sessions version)

Monster Hospital
Stadium Love*

2 Responses to “Metric Love”

  1. juliAM says:

    i’ve been hearing them a lot on xm radio’s ‘the verge’ station and am definately getting into them. that’s so cool that you saw them live

  2. Violetwired says:

    Saw them a few years ago – super good engery!!