Apr 09 2008

Post of the Day ~ Flying Saucer

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 6:49 pm

I am starting a new feature on Style Symmetry *yeah*  ‘Post of the Day’ is going to be my favorite post read that day.  And the lovely Selina @ Flying Saucer gets the first honors.  I adored her post ‘The Past Is Now The Present‘.  This color blocking will be in my dreams as I plan the next days outfit in my sleep.

5 Responses to “Post of the Day ~ Flying Saucer”

  1. kater says:

    Lovely choice! The netted bows in their hair reminded me of the ones from Chanel a while back. I bought black tulle ribbon to try it myself, but never got the effect I wanted. The colored ones are so great though! New project!

  2. Eyeliah says:

    I agree, these bows are so fresh.

  3. Suzanna says:

    Oh, good. Now I don’t feel so guilty about my super-long stretch tanks hanging below my jackets. This has to be done just right, otherwise you run the risk of the dreaded dress-over-jeans look. I will now use “color blocking” as an excuse, even if the color blocks and both black.

    Selina is a superstar in the fashion-blogging firmament!

  4. selina says:

    ah i’m so flattered!

  5. The Clothes Horse says:

    This color blocking is so nice.