Apr 09 2008

Post 200

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 1:41 pm

Not literally the 200th since some have been deleted along the way, but still 😉

This outfit was from last week, I could have been a bit more creative but I ran out of time as per usual. I would love to plan the night ahead but whenever I do I change my mind in the morning. I adore this skirt, I’ve bought about a half dozen from an ebay seller in Thailand. They are fun as dresses too. 😉

Grey Wool Sweater; $5
Navy Long-Sleeved Waffle Shirt,
American Eagle: $18
Skirt, Ebay Thailand: $30
Pink Snakeskin Purse, Ebay: $18
Gold Circle Necklace, Ebay: $3
Extra charm, Ebay lot: $2
Buckled Shoes, Thrifted: $10

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