Apr 08 2008

Blue Hair

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 8:19 pm

I love Kate Hudson with this blue hair!  This is her on set for a new movie, so it’s not her real hair. 🙁 It reminded me of a similar blue wig I’ve had since high school, but I left it behind in storage.  Here’s an old pic.          

Sorry for the low quality.  Along with the wig, I also loved that rainbow knit halter. 😉  


This look below was featured on The Sartorialist, how sleek and cool.

3 Responses to “Blue Hair”

  1. kater says:

    I had a blue wig I used to wear for Spirit days in high school as well! I loved it, it was a chic little bob with blunt bangs and it was a bright bright blue. I wish I still had it!

  2. i says:

    Isn’t that from her movie Bride Wars or something?
    Here’s what I’m guessing happened:

    Her frenemy/bridezilla wanted to ruin her wedding so she put blue dye in her shampoo bottle.

    Just saying………

  3. Eyeliah says:

    lol, good point – I still love the hair!