Mar 09 2008

Packing for a Beach Vacation

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I have to admit, my list started a little long for a 7 day trip (8 days with traveling) so I planned some outfits, looked at my luggage space and took some items out.  Here is a pic of the clothes chosen.
What I brought was: 2 capris, 3 shorts, 3 skirts, 8 dresses, 3 casual pairs of shoes, 4 dressier, 10 tank tops, 6 tees, 6 nice tops, 6 cardigans, 1 jacket, 4 belts, 6 purses, 3 bikinis and 2 sarongs.  Also loads of jewelry and scarves.

Here is what didn’t get worn:
Since my husband was sick we went to the beach only once – so there were leftover tees and big wood jewelry, as well as 2 of my 3 bikinis!  (Note: I crossed out the gold sneaks because I forgot I wore them once) 😉  All and all, with the circumstances packing went well as 7/8 dresses were utilized, all 3 skirts and every scarf, purse and shoes except one of each.
I do live by the ocean, so I can wear the rest this summer!

~More Cabo Outfits To Come~

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