Feb 27 2008

Ruffles, Tweed & Fuzzy Leopard

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 5:21 pm

Oh this was a fun day – and the outfit is 100% 2nd hand. 😉
I’ve always heard magazines, books etc. talk about making sure you have all your basic building blocks of a wardrobe – this poet blouse is my “white collared shirt”. And I also do not own the much required little black dress *gasp*, but it’s just not a basic for me.

Fuzzy Leopard Jacket,
Thrift Score: $4

White Mens Poet Blouse,
Ebay: $6

Brown & Beige Belt,
Thrifted: $1

Tweed Pants,
Thrifted: $10

Brown Mens Loafers,
Thrifted: $7

Brown Purse,
Thrifted: $3

One Response to “Ruffles, Tweed & Fuzzy Leopard”

  1. marta says:

    I love the jacket and the way it makes the pants and the blouse look.