Feb 08 2008

Every Day This Week!

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 6:45 pm

I decided to show you lovely people what I wore Every Day This Week!
Today is outfits from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Tomorrow outfits from Thursday & Friday. 😉  I try to stay clear of black as much as I can since
you all know the sidewalks are already a sea of it.  I mostly succeeded too!

Monday                            Tuesday

My outfits is usually a lil off on Mondays, lol.  The scarf ended up tucked in and flared out at my neck! This outfit is 100% Thrifted – yeah.

Monday: 70’s Cream Collared Shirt, Thrifted (8yrs ago): $6
Teal V-Neck Sweater, Thrifted: $4
Orange Scarf, Thrifted: $2
Grey Pants, Thrifted: $7
Black Patchwork Purse, Thrifted: $4
Black Ankle Booties, Thirfted: $6

Tuesday: Yellow Cardigan, Banana Republic Thrifted: $6
Green AMAZING top, Dynamite: $30
Necklace, made by me!
Brown Tweed Pants, Thrifted: $10
Brown Loafers, Thrifted: $7
Leather Purse, eBay: $20


Forest Green Knit Dress, Ebay: $18
Necklace, Ardene (maybe): $3ish
Olive Tank, Garage: $10
Mother of Pearl Bracelet, Thrifted: $1
Hearts Cuff, Ebay Gift with Purchase: $0
Brown Stretch Belt, Thrifted: $1
Brown Tights (not seen), The Bay: $8
Beige Boots, Winners: $65

One Response to “Every Day This Week!”

  1. Wendy says:

    I love the Wednesday outfit! The white belt against the dark green dress makes an awesome effect.