Jan 26 2008

Black & Gold & Brown, Oh My

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 10:54 am

This was my ideal outfit on Monday (Usually on Mondays I CANNOT get dressed!). My love for this outfit is probably why I initially stared at this post trying to type but had nothing to say, it’s just me – right here. 😉

I wasn’t sure about mixing brown with this black skirt but it definitely worked! The white trim along the bottom of the skirt balanced it out as well as the black on my brown shoes. The pins I love and I wish to wear them every day. Butterflies are a repeating theme in my wardrobe, in the second picture here alone I counted 5 butterfly scarves poking out, lol.

Banana Republic Sweater, Thrifted: $4
White Collared Shirt, Consignment 4ever ago: $7
Gold Hat & Scarf (and mittens not worn), Suzy Shier: $20
Jacob A-line Skirt, Thrifted: $5
Brown Fishnets, The Bay: $8
Brown Loafers, Thrifted: $5

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