Jan 24 2008

How To Store Scarves

Category: How To,My ClosetEyeliah @ 8:25 pm


In my cardboard shelves!
Yes, I know I have too many but I wear them so I’m justified.

I am a big believer that if you don’t see it, you don’t wear it. I apply that to every aspect of my wardrobe organization. The top half of the 1st drawer is three layers of separated ties. The messy drawer, among other things also has many of those stretchy headband scarves that are easy to root thru. I need to move that gorgeous gold scarf up into the nicely organized drawer so I wear it soon! 😉

One Response to “How To Store Scarves”

  1. Renée S. / FashionFillers says:

    Oh, give them to me! They are absolutely wonderful.