Jan 21 2008

Outfit Echoes ~ Kokopuff

Category: Inspiration,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:04 pm

I am overly in awe by this Dreamy Dresser from NYC. Kokopuff defines her look in cozy textures, a creamy color palette and the occasional punch of brights (like her orange Tretorn rainboots)! I definitely don’t have her budget for Mui Mui, YSL & Dior but here is my kokopuff outfit! I didn’t change the look as I had all the elements for this outfit.

It really needs to be altered to feel like me, at this point I don’t think I would wear the outfit. I’ll work on a revamp that is more Inspiration than Imitation. 😉 What do you think?

Immaculate Houndstooth Crooped Jacket, Thrifted: $6
Pale Yellow Cami (part of set), La Senza: $20
Black Skinnies, Thrifted: $13
Beige Boots, Winners: $65

7 Responses to “Outfit Echoes ~ Kokopuff”

  1. Suzanna says:

    I think you could wear that–I’ve been wearing that look myself lately. I’ve got a short b/w cropped jacket with zipper and I ‘ve been wearing it with long black tank and jeans.

    The difference between your outfit and the other is the volume of the top underneath–otherwise they are very similar!

  2. marta says:

    They’re very similar but I like yours better because the top is less loose and the jacket is shorter.

  3. whimsical nerd says:

    I think this is very wearable, the combo of the long shirt and cropped jacket is very flattering.

  4. Eyeliah says:

    Thanks!. Mine is also more matchy matchy with the black jeans and black jacket. Hers has contrast. I think I will try it with a diff shirt.

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  6. Patricia says:

    Great outfit! I think it’s great!