Jan 20 2008

Biker Princess

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 6:57 pm

On Thursday, I put together this girly outfit but then none of my regular coats seemed to work with it. 🙁
So I wore my husbands leather jacket! And now I wish it was my leather jacket! 😉 When I was indoors the scarf was as in Pic #1. I dug the mix of pink, orange and a flowing skirt with the harsh black, zippers and fringe. I listened to Guns N’ Roses on my ipod all day.

Black Cotton Eyelet Long-Sleeve, Suzy Shier: $15
Indian Scarf, Market: $20
Leather jacket: borrowed
Braided Beige Belt, Consignment: $8
Black tiered skirt, Ebay (with seller issues): $25
Beige Leather Boots, Winners: $65

One Response to “Biker Princess”

  1. selina says:

    stolen clothes are THE best kind of clothes!! i took half my sister’s stuff up to uni mwahaha