Jan 08 2008

On Less Inspired Days I Suppose…

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:57 pm

I wear outfits like this. A cute bag and scarf will cheer up any outfit and then I feel great! The purse is from ebay as I am trying to replace my dying purse seen here: http://stylesymmetry.com/?p=32. I’m still looking :-(. I go to Ebay-Clothing-Vintage and type in something like “purse (unique, girly, embroidered, embroidery, sweet, rare, pretty)”. I <3 Ebay! In these pics, I'm sorry I didn't capture see the blue collared shirt very well and my shoes aren't even in there! But they are my black biker boots from the last post!;-)

Teal Sweater, Thrifted: $4

Light Blue Collared Top, Suzy Shier: $12

Long Beige Wooly Gloves, New Thrifted: $3

White Jacket, Stitches: $20

Beige Embroidered Purse, Ebay: $11

Baby Pink Scarf with Embroidery, booth: $20

Black Pants, Suzy Shier: $20

One Response to “On Less Inspired Days I Suppose…”

  1. Suzanna says:

    I’m digging that scarf, girlfriend! I’m a scarf junkie. Usually I have darker, moodier scarves for my Theda Bara days, but yours has given me the idea to go find a lighter one.

    Now open up that purse!