Jan 02 2008

Romantic Outfit….but @ Work

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 7:10 pm

You know those days where you feel really comfortable in your skin/clothes? Well that was me today!! After hitting a home run (in my own mind) with this outfit, I am hopeful to wear all the misfit items in the back of my closet. There are many things to look forward to at www.stylesymmetry.com this year so please stay tuned as my brain is bursting with goodies!

This pic (finally) shows off my loafers much better. And I ended up carrying the beige envelope purse seen here: http://stylesymmetry.com/?p=42.

Brown dress, Consignment: $12

Beige Belt, Ebay: $14

Turtleneck, Consignment: $5-10

Hue Brown Fishnets, The Bay: $8

Brown Loafers, Thrifted: $5

Earrings, Ebay lot: $2 at most.

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