Dec 29 2007

Artsy Diva

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 10:25 am

This was the 1st time I’ve worn this sweater after owning it for 2 years! Craziness! Mostly because it’s a lil itchy, being made of some stupid acrylic (which btw I no longer purchase). I consider it my way of starting my New Years resolution early as per this post: The girls at work were calling me a poet since I left the wool beret on all day!

Sweater, Consignment: $12?

Circle Necklace, Ebay: $3

Purse (new, 1st use!), Thrifted: $3

Capris, Le Chateau: $30

Boots, Winners: $65

Beret, Consignment: $5

Pink Plaid Scarf, Thrifted: $2

2 Responses to “Artsy Diva”

  1. Trendinista says:

    I love that you rock the beret. I also like how you mix modern and vintage. Your look reminds me of Bronwyn Lowenthal’s “Lowie” line –

  2. Eyeliah says:

    Thanks, I’ll have to check out her site. 😉