Dec 22 2007

Purple Dress Day

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 12:47 pm

When I like what I am wearing, it changes my attitude for the whole day, I feel great! Do you all know what I mean? It’s a big part of why I started taking pictures, they are ideas I can work off of for future outfits and that eventually lead to me starting this site. 😉 I love how my dress matches the messy bed, lol.

Purple cotton dress, Ebay: $20

Brown Leather Belt, Thrifted: $2

Reversible Trenchcoat, Thrifted: $13

Gold Heart Necklace, Thrifted: 50 cents

Gold Circle Necklace, Ebay: $3

Waist length Pearls, Thrifted: $2

Coral Wood Beads, Ebay lot: $3-5

Beige Boots, Winners: $65

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